In Your Skin Testo

Testo In Your Skin

I'm just walking
Girls were talking nothing crazy
A typical night situation
We always facing haters hating
Girls have no life
I can't stand how do they manage
To find the time to climb up
Off that I'm sure there is something
They could be doing other
Then thinking about me
Things will always be like
This as long as jelously exsists that's not how I choose to be
I'm cool being simply me
I got mine and you got yours
Take a little make it more
Believe it that you can be atleast comfortable in your skin
What you have is not for me
If I got to be I be the true
Life only begins being comfortable in your skin
It's still workin'
You keep it pushin'
Run into the ultra mastakes something happened as we were passin'
Made me stop
I had to say something hey
There ladies is this the way
We should do each other if
It's that tape take the
Energy the end to long to
Type bye bye
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