The Ballad Of Julie Finkle Testo

Testo The Ballad Of Julie Finkle

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
I first met Julie a long time ago,
Staring up at me from the front row
She had a timeless glow, she was the image of youth
That never grows old or gets long in the tooth
And who would think after all these years
That good fortune would smile my way
She's a symbol of all that I believe in
She was there at the beginning, she's still out there today

Julie, Julie, I hope that you're still single
Julie, Julie, oh my mystery Julie Finkle
(Woohooh hoohooh hooh, woohooh hoohooh hooh)

After me she went with a biker from Stoke,
Had a child with a banker from Bolton
I hear she ended up with a really nice bloke,
Who's respectable now, so my silence is golden
To protect her and him I've used a pseudonym,
But I hope she gets the vital connection
It was a long time ago, but I want you to know
Julie, you were the pick of a prime selection


But keep looking for your love (Woohooh hoohooh hooh)

Truly, Julie, you're only a name,
You could be a Molly or a Sarah-Jane
But if I should never see you again,
I'll never forget you, truly


Keep looking for your love (Woohooh hoohooh hooh)

Julie, Julie, oh my mystery Julie Finkle
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