A Far Cry From Him Testo

Testo A Far Cry From Him

She's waiting
On the train
And her mind
Is riding restless
She's got
A long trail of pain
To lay down on
This rail through texas
Oh, but some sweet night
She'll ride it right
To the other side

She could go East
And let her tears dry
In the morning sun
She could go South
And burn off
The memories one by one
She could go West
Where they never
Fence you in
She could go North
And let them
Blow in the wind
Anywhere at all
A far cry from here

She doesn't want
To see another truck
That dusty color
And she don't want
To hear
His cold laughter
Around the corner
Oh, she's got
To leave it all
This big old town
Is way too small


She won't here
His name again
His trails
Never lead


She won't here
His name again

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