I Should Be Laughing Testo

Testo I Should Be Laughing

In a scrap book
There's a rose
You gave to me
And the photograph
That's torn in half
And all thats left is me
Live happily ever after
That came after I was gone
And they tell you
That you can't go back
Then why can't I go on?

When should be laughin'
At this joke
Dressed up as love
Diguised as hope
And isn't funny
After all this time
A tear is fallin'
When i should be laughin'

Are like a painting
Windows like a frame
When night comes
In and I begin
To see it all again

I should be laughing
At this joke
The damage done
The words i spoke
And isn't funny
After all this time
Regret can find me
When I should be laughin'
I should laughin' at life
And all of the tricks
That it plays
I should be laughing
At time
And how
Fast it's slippin' away

Somewhere in a scrap book
There's a rose you gave to me
And with one last look
I close the book
And let the past just be

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