Dream In Colour Testo

Testo Dream In Colour

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
(Springfield/ Silverman)

You wake up to tell me
(that you're numb inside,
that the feelings all have died)
You're praying and you're saying
(that you do believe
But I don't believe that's true)
Everything has always been there
Nothing goes away that won't come back
You're living in a house of cards
And you're blowing down the stack

She sleeps under a rainbow
She won't dream in colour
She thinks that her soul is painted
Grey or black or white
Sleeping under a rainbow
She could dream in colour
dream in colour tonight

Glass mirror, look in (I know it's hard to see,
when the one you free is you)
Sleep walking, high talking (but the colours
aren't real and the things you feel don't last)
You sit there looking at the sunrise
Not knowing if the day has come or gone
Wondering why it turns you off
When it never turns you on


Picking at the lock on the front door
Pulling at the shutters on the windows
But you're living in a house of shadows

Even though you're lonely you think it's you
sitting at that table set for one
You're waiting for the guest that never comes

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