Hold On To Your Dream Testo

Testo Hold On To Your Dream

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You always felt you had a destiny, yeah
You wouldn't bow down to the gods
Of money and power, baby
You burned bright to shed your light
All over the world
You had a plan and it was just a
matter of time now
Here today, what happened to that dream
Don't tell me it's over
I still smell the fire

Stand up and hold on to your dream
Maybe this is your moment
Stand up and hold on to your dream
You know no one can take it
There is a path it's always been yours
And you have the right of passage
Signed in blood and sealed in tears
Sending you a message
Across the miles and thru the years
Stand up (and be there) and hold on to
your dream
With some faith and conviction
(some faith and conviction)

Take a good look, you don't like
what you see, no
You just don't come this far
And never get scarred, baby
It all seemed like fate
The big dreams weren't hard to make
Way back then
Something pure about that
Suffer for art, passion and pain
Standing here
What happened to those dreams
Don't tell me they're over
While your heart is still beating

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