Distant Shore Testo

Testo Distant Shore

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
An ancient battle
In an ancient land
Swept away with anger
Through the streets, they ran
Block to block
House to house
Man to man
They fought hand to hand

And war, begat war
All on a distant shore

Who are they?
The people that they seek
Innocent or guilty?
For harm and injury
Not the young
Not the old
It's hard to find
The truth untold

(Spooky noises)

Crucify them, Crucify them!
They did shout
All would suffer
There would be no doubt

That war begat war
All on a distant shore

Hidden in the back
Behind all their anger
There stands greed
And all that it needs
Greed for the money
Greed for the power
Many will die
For few to realize

(More spooks!)

Mercy, mercy!
The angels cried
Remember the lies
Of those that die

Cause war begat war
All on a distant shore

Just because they say it
Doesn't make it so
Some day they'll see that
Then they'll fight no more

Cause war begat war
War begat war
On a distant shore

Someday they'll see it
And they'll fight no more

Cause war begat war

(Just because they say it)
(Doesn't make it so)
(Some day they'll see that)
(Then they'll fight no more)
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