Spare Some Love? Testo

Testo Spare Some Love?

Don't want to be older than a rocking chair
When I find the love that I need
Don't want to be tired when it comes to lovin'
Want to be able to see who I'm kissin' and huggin'

I can only wait
For so long
Cause what good would I be to somebody
If I needin' help to get my shoes on?

Could someone spare some love for me?

I've got but one preoccupation
And one hell of an imagination
But what I find so damn frustratin'
Is that this is happenin' to me

I can only hang for so long
If I go another week
I might as just passed on

Could someone spare some love for me?
Can someone please spare me their heart?

There's got to be someone
Out there in this world for me

(Cool organ SOLO! Sounds like church! Hallejulah!)

Can someone spare some love for me?
Can someone please spare me their heart?

I know that nobody's gonna want me
With a head full of gray hair
And a mouth full of false teeth

I'll gladly return the favor to you, darling
To spare me some lovin'
(And squeezin')
Spare me some kissin' and huggin'

Gotta be somebody somewhere
(Some lovin', kissin' and huggin')

I could use
(Kissin' and huggin')
Some kissin' and huggin'
(And squeezin')
(Some lovin')
(Kissin' and huggin')
Oh, I'mm
(Some lovin')
Feeling real blue, baby, baby
(Kissin' and huggin')
(Some lovin')
Who wouldn't mind to give me a good night kiss on my cheek
(Kissin' and huggin')
And put my head on my pillow
(And Squeezin')
(Some lovin')
Please spare me some love
Spare me some love
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