Fantasized Testo

Testo Fantasized

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo

I heard her soft hand knock in the dead of night
I hear her whisper, "BABY, let me in!"
I sat up in my bed
"She's hear!" my heart cried
Just like I fantasized
Just like I fantasized

I opened up my door and smelled her sweet perfume
Opened up my arms and smelled her satin skin
She said, "I'm yours tonight!"
A fire glowed in her eyes
Just like I fantasized
Just like I fantasized
Just like I fantasized

She waits on tables at my favorite cafe
I tease and tempt her with games we can play
This evening with dinner she served me a smile
She said, "I'll be back when I get off tonight!"

She had sugar-sweet lips and magical hips
Just like I fantasized
What a slow ride, she moaned and she cried
Just like I fantasized


I've dreamed of her at least a thousand times
Loved her a thousand ways all in my mind
And now I feel
The dream is by my side
Just like I fantasized
Just like I fantasized

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