I Wonder Testo

Testo I Wonder

Am I long way from your heart,
I wonder,
Is this where love is, heartache starts,
I wonder,

I wonder if you ever think about me,
And how good our old loving used to be,
Sometimes I wonder

When you left with one last curious look,
I wonder,
I tried to call you, you changed the number on me,
I really wonder

You tell me things to get me where you want me to be,
How come I feel your getting the best of me,
I wonder

I hear a car coming round the corner,
I hear footsteps on my front porch,
I see a shadow from the light above,
I hear a voice,
Oh it's not yours

Why does this happen,
What's going on,
I wonder,
Could this be a dream, or has Bob gone crazy,
I wonder,

How come I feel your taking advantage of me,
Why can't I get you out of me,
Sometimes I wonder

(guitar solo)

They say that time will heal my broken heart,
I wonder,
Could it be that I'm blind,
All alone in the dark,
I wonder

I can't help feeling this way,
If I could leave, I'd surely leave today,
Sometimes I wonder

It seems to me you still wanna be around
But when I see you, all hell starts breaking down,
Sometimes I wonder,

mm hmm

I really wonder.
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