Fix This Testo

Testo Fix This

All'asta la chitarra di Kurt Cobain
Fix this, broken heart of my
I just can't catch my breath
I'm all, torn apart
trying to forget
All the pain I've been through
and all the time spent with you
not knowing you never gave a damn about us

Fix this, shattered dream of my
I just can't get no rest
All I, do is cry
I can't get out of bed
A'll I do is think of you
can't figure out how come
you never gived a damn about us

Need to get it all back together
search my soul at al costs
maybe is was for the better
who knows what else I would have lost

Need to get it back together
search my soul at all cost
and maybe it was for the better
who knows what else I would have lost

Somebody, fix this
Shattered pride of my
save the pieces she left
can't keep ,telling lies
I just don't have the strength, no
people said that they knew
but all the time I refuse
to be lonely you never gave a damn,
gave a damn, about us
about us
somebody fix, this shattered dream
somebody fix, this broken heart of mine
fix this
fix this
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