Side Dish Testo

Testo Side Dish

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Don't like the fire and forget what you doing
Make you baby mad and start her to stewing
when she starts to boil and knocks some steam
you become a sadist if you know what I mean

appetize a main course don't you understand yeah
If you don't do your prep you get canned
I love you when something's hard to chew
you become a sadist it could happen to you
(cool rabi, turn up, don't cry french fry, escalo, scalium)

you got to tender your cooking every day and every night, yeah
you got to stir it, season it and check that its allright arggh
it is as simple receipe and it ain't hard to do
you became a sadist you be off the menu
(rock a lady, mashed potato, sellery, onion, carrot, oil after that, you'll be crying )
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