Cuntlava Testo

Testo Cuntlava

Wwwwwwrrruuuuuaaaaaaah !!!! Hahahahahaaa !!!- Burp!

Wa-wa-wa-wa why do you each every fucking time throw your bloodsoaked
tampons fucking away?!
Don't you fucking understand I wanna suck 'em dry until I feel okay!!
But now I've hidden your O.B.'s and I'm on my back for the ultimate ride,
Sit on my face, I can smell your cunt so honey open wiiiide !!!

Expectations...completely fulfilled,
She squats on my face her cunt looks killed...

Black ketchup covers my eyes and it also covers my ears,
And my nose fucking makes her shit, I'm touched can't you see my tears?!

Crying I swallow, menstrual pulp and shit,
Come fill my stomach filthy kid!

But then she walks away and I wipe my eyes and ears,
That bloodcunt on my face belonged to Britney... Spears !!!

[ - repeat first part - ]

Cuntlaavaaaaaahhh !!!!
Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhh !!!!
Cuntlaavaaaaaahhhh !!!!
Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh !!!!
Cuntlaavaaaaaaahhhh !!!!


Cuntlavaaa-1-2-3-4-FUCK !!!!!
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