Swarming Of The Cysts Testo

Testo Swarming Of The Cysts

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Swarming of the Cysts, your cancer on my fists!-ooh !!!

Tumourstomping so much fun,
Punching cancer of your lung,
Lymphatic lowkick on your dick,
But you say that you're not so sick!

I don't believe you, look at you,
Maligant cysts all over you
Now match & I will make them swarm,
But first I'll amputate your arm-woooooooh !!!

Swarming of the Cysts, your cancer on my fiiiiists!-ooh!

[Eindhovens dialect]
Cystes vliege rond munne kop en soms vrit ik d'r inne op
Daar lidde dan gij dikke gek oe bakkes lekt nog kankerpek

D'r zitte vast nog bulte in die vette romp onder oe kin
Dus schup ik nou oe buik d'r uit zodat de leste bult d'r uit spuit!

Kiek die wond 'ns gaaaaape !!!
Daar ken een perd in slaaapeee!
Oohweeoohweeoohwee! [2x]
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