Scottish Handcuffs Testo

Testo Scottish Handcuffs

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Brooklyn, New York, hanging out at Duff's
Everywhere we go we wear Scottish Handcuffs
In Switzerland in Bern one pissed a Bed
We even got a pic in Kiev with Shrek

We meet new friends in a lot of crazy places
Double fisted having fun, and end up with shitfaces
Are you Guns 'n Roses? Do you need a light?
Leave Madam Satan, Those guys wanna fight

Stripclubs and a nudybar
Building a pit in the back of your car
Almost arrested with a police colt
Not playing Rio with 60 Volt

With you're head through the ceiling
Snuff Jägermeister for the feeling
Missing Flights, there were Russian women, so fuck it!
Sleeping in the Projects with cash in my pocket

Junks shitting in trashcans
People got beheaded
Flippin our van in a Mexican desert
Monkeys in jeans on the "Red Square"

Feeding Vegetarians a fucking lot of meat
Playing everywhere we can with our Groovy Gore Beat
be double fisted or wear your Scottish chain
Be drunk and ginding and I'm sure we'll meet again!!!
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