Condemned In Misery Testo

Testo Condemned In Misery

[music by R.B.Cortez lyrics by E. Chavez]

Condemed in misery
For my state of being
My life has just begun
In a world far beyond

Ive left this mortal world
Of sickness and disease
Visions race my eyes
From the pain inside

Banished from the living
Some mock at my demise
Mortals never learn
Violence fools their minds

theres nothing elft for me
My bodies long decayed
ive lost my mental health
For my life I no longer fight!

Now at the world im laughing
For the life theyre living
Laughter created by their dismay
As I watch them rot away

Now at the wordl im laughing
For the life theyre living
Now im on the other side
Never go back to reality

Now as the end draws near
I know this hell is a plot for me
Insanity take my mind and soul
Into an unknown world ill go
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