Roses Testo

Testo Roses

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
Walking and Walking, then the ground starts to crumble
"Why me?" I scream-I've worked so hard not to stumble

Expect something, you get something- it may not fit
Disappointment looms- yeah, it's a pile o' snakes man
you'll get bit-you get bit
Gather those greasy lessons and move forward with a grin

find the moment, smell the roses, and breathe again

Swirling and whirling-nothing firm here to stand on
When we finally get this, it is then that we can move on

Silly old me
like a broken record
like a broken record
like a broken record

the beauty of it all is that it is never the same...
find the moment, smell the roses, breathe again!
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