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Testo Intro (Jesus Price)

Invasione di Fabio Fazio a The Voice of Italy: "Abbassate il volume?"
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Jesus! [echoes]

[Sean Price:]
P! Ha hah, yeah!
Ha ha hah... this is my album!
Hah, my shit, Jesus!

Though shalt not fuck with the four-fifth poppa
Feel a thousand deaths when I drop ya
I feel for you, like Chaka Khan, call me Sean
Pussy when I want, I'm Decepticon
Wisdom with these wise words bein spoken from Sean
Do the knowledge, I abolish your moms
Demolish your squad, let y'all niggaz know who did it
Sean Price now who's next to get it? Listen
Que pasa homes? Welcome to mi casa homes
Te disparo en tu cara homes
Niggaz ask what the God is about, I'm like "Nothin"
Meanwhile I got my manhood, in your mom's mouth
I'm back in the game, smackin ya brain, clappin them thangs
Accurate aim, snatchin your chain, get back on the train
Traffickin thangs, package a king, crack is the name
Sean is a rapper but rappin is lame, I QUIT~!
Y'all niggaz can't rap at all, smack you fall
to the ground, I bounce like basketball
Sean Price is the master y'all, y'all a slave to the rhythm
So after I finish rappin I whip 'em, P! [whip cracks]

[whip cracks:]
Ha hah! Ha hah...
Jesus... this is my album!!

Scarica la suoneria di Intro (Jesus Price)!
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