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Testo One

[Sean Price:]
One gun, one clip, one shot, one slug
All it takes for this nigga to disfigure your mug
Not five, not four, not three, not two
Just {"ONE"}, yeah
All I need is "One Mic" like Nas, one knife like John, Rambo
Y'all niggaz can't handle the God
Sean Price will dismantle your squad
You was a group, now it's {"ONE"}
Yeah break up, make up, break up again
Bottom line had to think of some friends
You just mad that you, takin the bus and he takin the Benz
He like {"ONE"} P
Listen, blam blam blam from the cannon
I shoot your group up, now who's the last man standin?
The last man rappin is me, Capital P
Nigga {"ONE"}
One yourself, gun yourself
Choke from a rope nigga where you hung yourself
Got a call from your bitch, she like "Son need help~!"
I'm like {"ONE"} click
One is knowledge, knowledge the foundation
of who's really real and who's fakin
The move makin you makin makin your shoes shake and you're fake nigga
so {"ONE"}
Listen, Sean Price the name
You kinda nice but we not the same, so I copped the Range
Then I copped the chain, now the cops in range
{"ONE"}, yeah
One box of baking soda one package of coke
One Pyrex pot, nigga that's all she wrote
One episode of The Wire, what'chu know about dope
Nigga {"ONE"}, yeah
One life to live, one wife one kid
One gun pop and son drops, slice your wig
Up at One Police Plaza they done locked the kid
Nigga {"ONE"}
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