What You Get Testo

Testo What You Get

Spend infinity waiting for something impossible,
This is what you get, from me.
Song's the same, but people have changed.
Stupidity's getting real old (and there you sit)
Where you sit, what you get.

Waiting around for what comes around, wait and see.
Persistence does not equal personality.
As contradictions flowed, your desperation showed.
This is what you get from me.

Try to make amends, calling all my friends.
Start concerning yourself.
Because i can't take this shit, not me.
I'm not laissez-faire, i don't fucking care,
Concern yourself but not my friends,
This is what you get from me.

Down with the waiting, cause everything's fading you see.
I want my stuff back, you can keep your infamy.
The desperation's gone, I haven't seen you in so long.
This is what you get from me
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