Wellness Testo

Testo Wellness

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
losing touch
gladly throwing it all away
safely shutting these trap doors
trapping you
locking you out forever
infinite freedom
infinite daydream
these daydream
these daydreams
to be at peace with oneself
struggling with the aspect of self
realization is complete
happiness has set in so far
that I can't see red or pain
things won't be the same
this year
this date
this year
this time
time paints the picture we provide the frame
I yearn to hang on your hallway walls
the colors fade and were forced to explain
why the frame remains behind it all
and now I can envision others
without checking myself first
confidence is clear
ambition is high...
locked on this target
return green light status
and that is when I'm at my best
infinite freedom
infinite daydream
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