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Testo Duty

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Full of hate and lies
You can see this world
So many people suffering
While the rich are laughing

So, what can I do?
By now just writing
All these sick-sad lyrics
Trying to tell you something

Always in the street
You can find some people
and their only need
it's just a little helping hand
They are just like you
Without the same good luck
It can be much better

you must carry out now your duty
must carry out now your duty

the expected solution
it can't arrive from god
neither television
forget about religion
you can use your brain
and stop being lazy
lying in your couch
your life is going down

and if you feel really bad
for somebody's action
hurting you so much
so you are marked forever
your own brief existence
in this shitty planet
life returns everything
please get up and start working

must carry out now your duty
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