Follow Your Own Shadow Testo

Testo Follow Your Own Shadow

Looking for real life
In this fake unreal shitty landscape
It is so hard to start
Making actions
To contrast with all those what is said
I disagree with normal crap
What do you say?

Always somebody
Who believes to know what is really right
Why you are talking about me
I have nothing to do with stupid so-call leaders
I just follow my own shadow

Use your brain and criticize
You can't keep swallowing shit anymore
I don't wanna think about
Those which are going to follow the rest

Talking and talking
I realize nobody is really reasoning
They just follow the idiot mass
We are not children saying yes to everything forever
The fucking answer now is no!

Just one life to enjoy and create new things
And you don't realize
There is no sense to follow somebody
Just follow your own shadow
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