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Testo Enjoy To Remember

Inserito il 11 Ottobre 2010
Chiude il Roxy Bar, celebre grazie a Vasco Rossi
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I saw a child playing so happy with just a simple balloon I used to do the same life ends when you stop enjoying and the only thing you can do is just remember hard-to-repeat happy neverending moments, emotions that drugs can equalize all those friends which destiny has moved away are lying now in our fragile memory dirty street dogs how funny was playing always with them the other day I could see one very skinny moving to its improvised deathbed and stop suffering the oblivion from all those that have stopped feeling the eternal pain of the forgotten ones I saw a child giving a hug to an uknown vagrant between so many people just he could see him I feel indifference when I can't achieve appreciate life and I can't accept doctrines to be born without waking up growing up and withstanding to die to forget to enjoy to remember.

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