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Testo My Own Love Sit-com

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
it's already eight turn on the idiot box is time to feed our stupid minds some new and entertaining romances is what we are going to see now lots of beautiful people without social risk actors that had left the theatre to provide us what to talk what to listen and what to think instead of losing one hour I'd rather look at the horizon maybe I find my dear answer in the sea for some reason I am here my stupid ideas I have to link now begins my own stupid love sit-com she thinks that I am an idiot yeah she does maybe I lost the best part of my life it will never happen anymore she didn't want to say good bye to me now I don't even know what to think at least I still want to sing and if I don't see her anymore I can sing this song to remember the good person that once she was even without know me so well she gave me all those unforgettable memories there is no reason for me to wait the call that I will never receive she doesn't like to use the phone that's what I think

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