Curiosity Sucks Testo

Testo Curiosity Sucks

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Looks like I'm on my own again
And I can't bare the thought
Of all that we had
Confused, but in our hearts
We know that somewhere and somehow
We'll work it out
We're meant for each other
I just think about that day
Finding out my wish came true
All those nights of loneliness left cause of you
I lent you my hand, holding out with my heart
But this timing of heartbreak is just so hard

I sit here alone
My dreams in my head
Upstairs in my room
Not another word is said
Hysterical lying with tears on the phone
I swear this time I've given up on it all
But maybe it's me
My fear just to lose
I've done it before
But this time I need you
Just someone to guide me, lead me through these doors
That I've never been through before

Why try -
Each time it's getting harder I can't breathe
From this simple stress you gave me - where's my sympathy?
This time -
I'm doing everything for me
I'm throwing back the pain you caused me
Yet you're still you're my everything

I could capture the stars, bring them all down to earth
But nothing could ever show you what you're worth
To me you complete what's been missing inside
Which I'm not missing anymore
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