Lost In A Dream Testo

Testo Lost In A Dream

we're breathing so heavily
so close to you - that's where i wanna be
you drown me the way you look at me
my heart connects to yours so suddenly

so lift me up so this way i can see
and get lost in your eyes - this comes so easily
at times i try to remind myself i'm still here
and not lost in a dream

but how is this not a dream?
somebody please pinch me
if i wake up from this sleep promise me that you won't leave
promise me you won't leave...

the loneliness when you're not around -
i pray for the moment to hold you again
and your kiss, your lips - i miss the warmth of them
strive for your smile again
i can't get away

i'm light on my feet ignoring gravity
but i must admit i love what you're doing to me

so i fly away from this world 'till everything's out of site
so let's fly away - you're my world so everything's alright
it's alright...

whoa oh yeah...

i can't get away, i can't get away
can't get away no i can't get away from tonight
tonight - it's alright
no i can't get away, can't get away
from tonight, tonight - it's alright
it's alright... it's alright... it's alright... it's alright
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