Let's Get Lit And Storm The Castle Testo

Testo Let's Get Lit And Storm The Castle

A breakthrough, storming out
“You've failed us leader”
Is shouted out from every mouth
That is on the prowl
To seek and figure this out
Behead this fascist
Yeah fascisms out

Accusations all the same
When you know you're to blame
Your broken ties could now describe
This fame you've brought your name

You've proved without a doubt
That trust can combust
Its amount into oblivion
Yeah it's all about
What you swallow down
Resisting existing exits

Surrounding eyes point out your game
Yet dare not speak a name
When faction meets fact it's a lonely way
Going back from where you came

Come minions, hey, let's take him away
Today's our day we can rest again
We're taking all you took to your name
And kid, know I won't miss a thing
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