Note To Self Testo

Testo Note To Self

Cutting frequencies
Is anybody out there?
Can you hear me?
(I know, I know)

I'm better off much better
Beneath this disguise
I'd get myself together
But I'm feeling fine
Once the week ends
(I know, I know)

And I don't know what I've been thinking
But I know that I'm short two cents
The expense to keep myself big spending

Whoa, whoa
Boy your story's getting old
Whoa, whoa
You can't push away the push you needed so

(Quit cutting up your knees
You know that we're all out here
Can you hear me?
I know, I know)
It's better to be clever
Than do what's smart
If your mood controlled the weather
We'd drown in the dark
So maybe I know, I know

I'm telling you I'm far from seeing
That time alone was time well spent
But the talk was cheap
And you're big spending

Whoa, whoa
Boy your story's getting old
Put your past away and down your sorry sorrows
Whoa, whoa
Sing along if you've seen brighter days
Just know you're not alone [2x]
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