Crawling In The Bottom Testo

Testo Crawling In The Bottom

Dead sun and shut mouths
Bloody earth under my feet
Hate me!
Inside my brain, demons are hidden again
I didn't have the heart to leave them
They won't forgive you for all this
Feel them now living in the worst of nightmares
God knows what he wants and screams my name
Oh my friend there are no choices
Ask me if I belong to me
My life answers handling the knife of reason
But we are too accursed,
I will go where people don't dance
I sell my soul but I don't let myself go
I see myself into the darkness, only shadow
With no body and no soul
Anger in my hands
Always damaged
I'm alive again
No future
I look for the future in this dirty world
Believing that somebody controls it
I look for the future in this denied life.
Confused people
I see only your dirty face
I see only our dirty face
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