My Time Testo

Testo My Time

Ed Sheeran presenterà gli MTV EMA 2015 a Milano
I'm like your barbie
That you nomore like
When you want detach my head
So down ever so down you don't care
The back of beyond I will keep the ball rolling
Is it as bad as all that?
The light changed to black
Silence around me
And in my hands only a stupid carillon
When I breathe one'last
My body is cold and my heart is broken
That was not the case
Evil for ever try to die again
My fight/my time on your account
…You can fuck me….
….on your account….
… can fuck me…..
…..on your account…..
falling into your eyes I can see
dying in your mind I can feel
I wash your lies waking the desire
I wash your lies