Silent And Sweet Testo

Testo Silent And Sweet

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Hear all the words you never said
You kicked me early morning
Kicked me out of your house
It wasn't you

Sometimes you stroll and often you fall
You called me every morning
So I could heal your bones
It wasn't you

Maybe baby you should go,
I've nothing left to say
Why am I all alone despite the things you've said
Tomorrow you could speak your mind
I'm cracking up this time
That I see you stroll but then you never...

Take off your clothes and slightly fall
I slowly realize I am not the one that you love
It wasn't you

Because you leaning silent and sweet
You sadden me in the morning
And you leave me so weak
It wasn't true

Here comes the blade and the morning light
Now you do not even seem so bright
I won't make you love again
Cause I see you stroll but then you never...

My heart you've torn
Look how it burns
Feel shaky, now the lady is stealing my soul
It wasn't you

I'm out of reach
Now that I've burnt
You're smashing every mirror
and I'm fixing their holes
It wasn't you

Hear all the words you never told me
You kicked me early morning
Kicked me out of my house
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