Long Time Testo

Testo Long Time

[when me say "sono italiano"
you think meh mafiosbut call my "gentiluomo"
i'm the original lover "latino"
yes babe girl meh say "bella ti amo"
proprio like "Rodolfo Valentino"
inna the style "mediterraneo"
i sing "in salentino"
but now me come in "jamaicano"]

Becà/ah long time the ragga dem ready/i know that from roots and rocksteady/ the great bob marleyan the one Scrack Perry/ nahfiget dennis brown yes the revolutionary/ wine yuh "bacino" an move up yuh body/ anytime yuh see meh man yuh know see meh ready/ real compact an yuh know see meh heavy/ pop of the lirics dem just like a uzi/ ra ra ra every body get busy/ some ah smoke marijuana an some drink frizzy/ salento jamaica and new york city/ yuh see raggae music every body love it/ don rico meh name an meh come from salento/ the land where we have big movimento/ lot of soundcrew an whole gal/ have inna the mind the heart only one sentimento/ dem love this dem wont this/ dem naw love see the mafia work with the police/ ca te first push drogs an shoot an second oppresses people in the street/ but meh original ganjaman an shoot dem pan the beat/ big up to the foundations big up to all the artist dem/ listen meh words pan the riddim again
[when meh say "sono italiano"/you think meh mafios but call my "gentiluomo" / i'm the original lover "latino"...]
listen some vers in my patois pan this "suono"
be sienti la lirica moi a quai de stu dj/ ca dopu tanti anni ca mpunna ormai tene nu style/ memba sud sound system quannu schiacci play/ ogne cosa ete appostu ogne cosa ete ok
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