Brown Haired Boy Testo

Testo Brown Haired Boy

One day summer afternoon
Just me nothing much to do
Then he swayed on by me
Brown hair and a wicked body
No words 'cause he was shy
I winked and just said hi
He laughed 'cause he was speechless
You're cute, you wanna come with me

I said come here, move a little closer
Leave me breathless tuggin' on my hips he said

Mmmm mmmmm mmmmm mmmm
My little brown haired boy

All day and then all night
I kissed and loved him right
I showed him a few tricks
Gave him more than a first kiss
He saw my tan lines
Found out how to have a good time
I sure miss that boy's hips
Still smell and taste his sweet lips

So I like to have a little fun
I've always been a real wild one
And I know that you really like it that way

Years later on subway train I heard a sly voice whisper my name
And lips that felt familiar gently went and kissed my shoulders
And I said: well, boy isn't this a surprise, I never thought I'd see your brown eyes
Where you been 'cause I've learned a whole lot since then.
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