Liberty Testo

Testo Liberty

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
One life wasted
No one can replace it
Candles burning
But the world's still turning
Did you want this? Did you think it over?
Your mother sits there crying
What do I say to her?

Is there liberty? Gravity?
Do memories remain?
Did you find freedom or did you break free?
Liberty? Gravity?
Do memories remain?
Did you find freedom or did you break free?

I never knew why you gave up early
I think of the times you were depressed and it didn't concern me
Days we had the good and the bad
But all that's gone now and who wouldn't be sad?
Who could have saved you from cutting your life short?
The answer is priceless but definitely something to fight for
Holding on to our memory the tears unfurl
To the world you were someone and to someone the world...

Is there anger? Is there pain? And do the faces stay the same?
Is there justice? Is there blame? Or do we all just end in vain?
Tell me...tell me...
Is there mercy? Is there fame? Did you find a better way?
Do you feel us? Do you see us? Do you hear us when we pray?
Tell me...tell me...
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