Take A Ride (Skit) Testo

Testo Take A Ride (Skit)

You know what I wanna do I'm gone drive is motherfucker not just sit it in it
I hope ride in that nigga car I'm tell u that right now you know he gone take you out
Knowing he gone trip on that shit old bitch ass nigga I'm tellin you nigga put the key in
The motherfuckin' ignition let's go round you understand me you know what I'm saying
Let's take this motherfucker see what it got under the hood you understand me that on you we just
Ridin' stop all that bullshiting you understand stick it to the strip club bitches sitting there makin that booty
Clap make it sound like a motherfucker standing ovation up in that bitch you understand me
It's like an ATM machine you put yo dollar in shit come out yeah I put plenty dollars up in the motherfucker
I catch one bitch up in there lookin last week nigga I saw one bitch with 5 niggas tattooed on her left ass cheeck
You know that's when a bitch need 2 make a decission you know if you love the nigga or you don't love the nigga
I don't mind the names I fuck right past the name you understand me I them motherfuckin' names turn into 1 long ass sentence
When get 2 swin' this motherfuckin' pole on these bitches you understand me you know what I'm sayin'
My dick is the shit batman motherfuckin slide down 2 change clothes get in the Batmobile nigga it's a pole up in this bitch a pole a motherfunckin pole
A god damn nigga you done burned my hand with that shit oh damn we done fuck the nigga Caddilac up nigga get out the car
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