Half Hearted Testo

Testo Half Hearted

The type of pressure that could swallow you whole
the nights grow lonely when you sleep alone
a double shot of tequila and the fear of growing old
how about you start making sense
stop talking in past tense

Don't get buried in your past [2x]

It's not what you expected i know, i know
and yes we took most things forgranted
i thought that you'd understand
That holding grudges wasn't part of the plan

Don't get buried in your past
that type of shit will only bring you down
you've got to stay alive, stay alive, you've got to stay alive
you've got the answer to the question you've been wondering for years
but you just don't want to hear it
that type of news could set you back for years

go ahead and hold your grudges
lets see just how far you'll go [2x]

How far you'll go [4x]

You better learn to stand your ground
cause your not going anywhere


What I'd give to rebuild bridges burned
to take back the whole thing lesson learned
just forget the last 6 months
just give it up
forget the last 6 months
just give it up

you've forgotten how to swim
the surface is near but your past is holding you down
you've forgotten how to swim
bloodshot eyes and pale skin
never before have you been so beautiful
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