Saturday Morning Testo

Testo Saturday Morning

Phone rings
dishes splatters

this mornin when i woke,& open my my eyes.
i was greeted by ur most sober and surprise
a face i've never seen before in my life just lounging on my pillow right next to mine.
and im looking at it and i panic and remember havin the gin and tonic and recall every rum and cola too
but for a life of me, i cant remember you

tanya: so who u boss?
bigga: (burp) bigga blocks
tanya: ok
tanya: bigga blocks?

this happened before this wasnt the first, but i gotta admit, this one is the worst.
and where were my friends, didnt any body see? God almighty, this one is ugly

(drinks pouring)

so im rushing to the toilet and while takin a piss.
im thinking that this better be the catalyst
to make me change my flandering ways and make my nights reflect my better days yo
a weh mi say now

theres a strange man in my house
and his boots are on the floor
mr. bocadi, we cant chill any more
from now on, im just rollin with cola
if that dont work, then imma rockin it
so long
a weh mi seh now

theres a strange man in my bed and he seems to satisfy
how on earth am i gonna savage my pride
smerk off, its been a heck of a ride
but this is where i got to bid u good bye
bid u good bye

tanya: yo bigga! get up. u fi go now
bigga: (groanin) huhhh
tanya: mi nuh kno how this happened, i swear
tanya: oy, pan yuh way out, grab mi a beer
bigga: (hissin of teeth) tek man fi blood cloth idiot

door closes
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