Sorry N' Shit Testo

Testo Sorry N' Shit

Here we come baby,
It's a party bitch
Here we come baby,
It's a party bitch

If you mad at me, hey, sorry n shit

You hate my everything, sorry n shit
La la la
You see my better game, sorry n shit
Na na na
I'm like whatever mayne, sorry n shit
I say, sorry n shit
We say, sorry n shit
Na na na
You hate my everything, sorry n shit
La la la
You see my better game, sorry n shit
Na na na
I'm like whatever mayne, sorry n shit
I say, sorry n shit
We say, sorry n shit

[Verse 1:]
I'm with my goon squad, we movin like mars [? ]
We hits the club and does our thing, my goonies by the bar
We ghetto superstars, they know just who we are
We pistol poppers, chopper choppers, blame it on the bar
Yeah, I'm disrespectful, neglectful when I be on that booze
I hope your listenin I'm twisted and don't make sudden moves
I came to party, chase pussy but I'm still with the goons
If I get heated, say fuck it, then they gon' clear the room
No need to wonder my thunders they out there by the whips
They keep their heaters, milimeters, in case you pussies trip
See I'm so gutter and gully and I could make it ugly
I know these pussies be hatin but [? ] the bitches love me
But fuck some trouble let's huddle I'm first to pull a dame
And I'm beligerent and ignorant but I'm still on my game
She say I'm so disrespectful when I keep callin her bitch
I told her suck on these webbles then I said sorry n' shit


[Verse 2:]
They call me beast man, street sweep, your released then,
Keep heat in my seat for the beefin
I keep it pimpin keep my mug on monster, if they
Get to trippin I'm a plug their roster, I'm a
Minus niggas out, uppercut and not could give a
3 piece to this thug imposter, I just
Wanna kick it take a blunt to the head
But they hate, the bitches love me wanna jump on my bed
I take 'em, to the crilla, they just jump out their jeans (off patron)
And now my rilla it ain't hard as it seems, my game
Music pumpin, baby archin her back, with ease
I'm in her belly first night like her mack, best believe
When we leave, no strings attached, when she dreams,
I'm chasing paper ain't no callin her back
I proceed to pick her up and she was soon to forget
I hit, and told her gobble my webbles then I said sorry n' shit


[Verse 3:]
You got d-real in the buildin I'm pourin liquor and chillin
Throwin swishes to the ceilin plus I roll with my villians, shit
We just tryna kick it mayne, then a lotta bitches came
Shes cousins with such and such and she fuckin with what's her name
I'm like whatever man, then something hella better came
Hit me off with every fan plus her name and her game
We headed back to the bar and the liquor started to pour
She drank about [one, two, three, four]
Yeh, now shes hella juiced up
Baby start to loosen up, she want to take me to the car and start to do stuff
Baby was a true slut, and after two nutts,
She said if I want it I could put it in her 'oo what
She had my dick like as hard as a brick, after I hit I went back into the party and shit
Two weeks later when I was out, she came up and said what goes on
But I didn't recognize that ho with her clothes on


[Verse 4:]
Rogue dog villains say sorry and shit UUHHHHH
Fuck up every party and shit UHHHHHHH
They bout to gon' call me in this UHHHH bitch
UUHHHH nigga
We bang, ain't not stoppin this, man we on top of shit
Aim from a block to get, pain from your poppa bitch
You and your coochie therapy will techa nina's your doctor trick
I can make you wetter but you better know how to rock a dick
Better take it with the job shackles, knob tackles [? ]
Get up on the dick and put it up into esophagus and better never be no obstacles
Chompin on my dick, I cackle, grabbin it like she in a rod raffle
I'm a nice guy, well it's right, I might fly down to the fridge to get the brod snapple
Take it a miss got a lot of it, say she the type that swallows it
I hollas [QUIT] cause she got to squeezin on my balls a bit
I'll admit it was good at the beginning but you gotta pardon me miss
I said you hurtin my webbles, and she said Sorry N Shit

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