The Beast Testo

Testo The Beast

[Intro 1: Big Krizz Kalico]
Insanity at it's finest
Fire starter
Riot maker
Moon strikin'
Animal need
Bad seed
Untamable (Beast)

[Intro 2: Tech N9ne]
Everybody around me always thinks they know what's goin' on inside my mind
Think I'm Mr. nice guy all the time
Like they say on Diary, you think you know but you have no idea

[Hook: Tech N9ne & Big Krizz Kalico]
Is with me
Let's make mo growth
We will be shakin' your flow
Come against me that's a no, no, yo
Cause I'm a beast

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
I can tell your a womens, women for downin' on the dance floor all the way in V.I.P.
I'm a rapper
I can catch her
And she gonna leave with me because I'ma snatch her
Everybody move
Who ever the Ninna choose
We about to pounce (Work it out)
Havin' fun ain't no one on my level
I turn left and I'm about to put this pedal to the metal
I like, all money, tall money, no small money
You got to, let Tech Niz tease your shockra
Spieces release freaks please the montsa
Patit beast feez these beats will rock ya
Stand tough bro hush when I bust her
Rhymes that I crush ya
Homie don't be a sucka
When your lova say Tecca Ninnas a brotha
She tryin' to say that she left you for anotha

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Your really wick wack funny like a walabe
But now I'm hot I'm gettin' were I otta be
Scrolerbe hotter we need dollors comotery
The hotter the scotterlee the larger than the lottery
Need them ten twins
Gotta succeed spend g's Ben Franks
Weed grim cheese in banks
Breed (???) we win thanks
Hungry like the wolf indeed but I give
Money to my (???) lil' Ninna to live
In terminals but from Kansas City
I miss home Calli is bussiness but man it's pretty
I ain't lyin' y'all
Monster for money for mine y'all
If I was'nt gettin' money I would'nt shine dog
You'll never see the N9ne fall
Big house, wood floors, maids cleanin' the kitchen with Pine-Sol

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Friend this industry
Is no kin to me
Behold the flow of the century
But they scared of me
Rappers they don't compare to me
Far to be, said that they dares to be sincerly a rareaty
Check the sound scan
Look around man
Wake up look at your Jacob you in fuckin' clown land
Face paint and wicked chickens be strutin what
And we rockin' plus the Diddy women in the button ups
Hands down we rock harder than Kiss
But rap we could'nt cris
But can I get two stomps and a clap in this bitch
Ninna shot to the top cause a plots to get rich
Tell ya, executive, I'm next for this
Success it is
Yep the best from Tech
This ain't wack this hit is hostal I rep wit it
This is the Beast baby out I'ma exit this

[Bridge: Big Krizz Kalico]
I'm mean, and I will, destroy you
I am the Beast

[Hook x3]
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