The Melancholy Maze & My World Intro Testo

Testo The Melancholy Maze & My World Intro

[Female voice]
You have entered the Melancholy Maze. We hope you find your way.

Tech: I'm in the bank now

(Tech Whistles)

Lady: 60, 80, and one more makes 100
Man: Alrighty, thanx
Lady: You have a great day
Man: You too
Lady: Next in line, please
Tech: Yes
Lady: Sir
Tech: Yea, I would like to make a withdrawal
Lady: Ok. Hey!! Your Aaron Yates. I remember you
Tech: Yea, yea thats me baby thats me
Lady: So what are you doin now a days
Tech: Uh, I'm a i'm a rapper. Uh, Strange Music, you hearda Strange Music?
Lady: Yea, Strange Music "Where bullshit ain't nothin. I know
Tech: Haha, yea yea, thats it baby I w...
Lady: I remember you bein in the lunch room rappin and you used to beat on your chest at the same time. I used to love that
Tech: Thank you baby, I...
Lady: Will you do it for me
Tech: Naw baby, I'm really trynna get a, I'm trynna, I'm really trynna...
Lady: Please
Tech: (sigh) Ok check it I got something for you, check it out
Tech Freestyling and beating on chest:
yo, whatup, situp get up
with us killas enough niggas
to chrush a lung
to bust your guts and liver
hit with ruebon, now you livin off in a river
whatchin this arsenist
while i spark a bit of my heart
and bark i'ma start this ####
(man: sir)
welcome to the bottomless pit
i know its hella dark in there
my world (man: sir) is not like a regular life
we tote big guns instead of a knife
(lady: hey you can't say that in here)
hella grim night
the devil is in flight
he said the baretta will get us what ever is in sight
you got a job, i ain't got one
you got a wad, i got a shotgun
(shotgun ####### and people screaming)
you got a guard, i got a squad
you here to work and i'm here to rob
(shot fired)
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