The Pick Up (Skit) Testo

Testo The Pick Up (Skit)

It was a Sunday night around 8:30 pm
I was rollin' by myself in the Benz leavin to a park
Bangin' some of the homie fattone's classic shit
So I'm rollin down Maya Blvrd
Then I busted a right on prospect lookin' to be seen by a bad bitch and whatdya know...
A stallion
Ass like
Chest like... (ooo areola!)
Lips like (blam!)
So I pulled right next to her on the corner of 63rd street
'Bout ta front like I'm sellin her my cd and said

[Tech N9ne:]
What's sizzlin' mama what's crackin'?

Wassup cause?

[Tech N9ne:]
Uh na I'm just tryin ta sell u this cd
Na u know what you so fine I don't even wanna sell you this cd
I'm a give u this cd baby girl

Oh ya cause?
What is this shit cause?

[Tech N9ne:]
It's my new shit baby

Is this some tech n9ne shit cause?

[Tech N9ne:]
Uh ya

Aw na I don't want this devil worship shit cause
I'm good cause

[Tech N9ne:]
Anyway nigga I'm just tryin' to give u the goddamn cd
U know what I got some...

Na cause
Na, na

[Tech N9ne:]
No listen listen
Look hold on let's walk over here to my trunk
I got some new shit

Oh yeah?

[Tech N9ne:]
Come come over here
I got some other artists

Oh yeh cause?

[Tech N9ne:]
You might like some big scoob shit or somethin'
Come come on come check this shit out

'ight let me check this shit out cause
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