Manology Testo

Testo Manology

Spreading pain to mankind
Can't you see you're in the wrong?
To inflict pain to fellow man
How can we fight? This world is insane
Treat each other as you would your own self, fellow man
What you do unto the least of my brethren
You do unto me, can't you see?
Don't you despair, someone is always near
If believing in God is wrong, than I don't want to be right
Making our lives pain
Using technology
Feeling lazier every day
Remote control is not the way
Using technology
The way it shouldn't be
Computer virus defcon 4
To blow us all away
Can you believe in the news?
The ratings war
We are more interested
In the life of a movie star
Instead of being there
for our family
We like to know
About someone we don't even know
I wish I could kill TV
Do justice to humanity
Satan invented
So we must repent
Blame violence on TV
Although it shouldn't be
Things good will end bad
Pray for the past we had
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