Buck Naked Testo

Testo Buck Naked

Vasco Rossi, il Live Kom ‘016 parte da Lignano Sabbiadoro
Running naked down the state
Runnin naked in the middle of the
Runnin naked like a tom cat's
Runnin naked but the cat don't
seem to mind

Give me your heart
I'll give you mine first
Give me your time
I'll give you my trust

Buck naked now
Like when I was born
When will we find out
Why does it take so long
Buck naked now
Buck naked now
Buck naked now
In the eyes of the lord
Running naked like the day when I
was born
They're all naked in the land where
I come from
I'm a long way from the great high
plains now
We're all naked if you turn us
inside out

Buck naked now
We ain't got no clothes
Bare assed for sure
in the eyes of god

Naked in my heart
Naked in my soul
Well, how does it feel
Does anybody know
Buck naked now
Buck naked now
Buck naked now
In the eyes of the lord
well, we're naked inside
you're naked too
well there's nothing to fear
and there's nothing we can do
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