Animal Testo

Testo Animal

I'm floating, I'm floating, I'm floating, I'm floating
From the ground!
I'm floating, I'm floating, I'm floating, I'm floating
From the ground!
We lost in the world who's feeling safe
It's parked outside been in the case
We walk outside feel like a mason
The preacher at the altar to tell you to have a taste
White wine, go ahead and say grace.
You're walking the closet and feel amazed
Nigger, retire, fall out of line and we get to pacin
And we gonna simply reside and fill up the spacin
Took this.. around and place it
That's a classic, no other way to have it
Remember me and my brothers slept on that mattress
And look how many bitches piled up on that mattress
I'm feeling too proud, cause all my niggers is around
I got a ... right now for the to fill it
It was cool for a second, but now might take a minute
Cause now I'm in the building, god damn, I'm about to kill it


357 the pair of...
A million dollars on my wardrobe...
Let the... and assassin go assassin my ass
Kill niggers dead on the scene, no casket
...serving umbrellas, but I knew the perfect fellow
So impressive, she would... if I let her
Have a blast of a lifetime, ass of a lifetime

I swear this dick I give her, it will last to a lifetime...
Put it in life, and I don't love a nigger long time
Wednesday three freaks, Thursday four hoes
Five on Friday, yesterday six chicks
Today is the sabbath, like I said we're going...
On a mattress doing shit you can't imagine, I'm laughing!
True story, real talk, that's classic!


Had to leave them home, better off than hell
Skip the... ended up in jail
Loved the jail, it was better in the cell.
Did a little crime, too...
Somewhat I'm partying and...
First she started gargling, and end up swallowing
And with the class to...
Fuck you with the devil like she..
She let the pills.... she over popping in
She's standing in the line, just to do the line
Fuck it, that's fresher than the...
Fuck it, tell me wanna fuck with us!
My hands up, nigger I'll be thrown to dust

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