Coming Back Testo

Testo Coming Back

#VolareChallenge, i cast per il nuovo video di Rovazzi
Just no that my time I'm takin for the right time I'm waitin (So gone)
Jump bad if u want to, get mad if u want to (Gone)
Show your ass if u want to, but I'm a gona blast wen I want to. drake come and bow down no options. big money offer em's no problems. hard time niggas out there starving, with no blow broke nigga get started dawg. niggas plot and tryin to rob don't dodge it naw
Listen closely I'm a tell you how to solve
It ya'll get you 50thousand dollar fly them hogs in. pass them choppers out see wut them nigga robbing. just let em follow you, like they gone try to do but bet they brilliant ass don't know they being followed too. go on bout your business man. now all you got to do is introduce robber crew to who you gave them choppers too. then watch tmr news you'll see a car dude shot down laid out look just like the car that tryin to follow you.somehow the follower became the followee. man I'm a shark think a gupee gona swallow me.out his motherfuken mind niggas gota be. you followin me, I'm gone blast with no apolgy
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