Let Em' Talk Testo

Testo Let Em' Talk

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
[Chorus: x2]
Hey let em talk, Let em hate
It aint my fault they at the bottom, let em stay
Let em say whatever. Let em lie
Let em snitch, let em bleed, let em die

Been through whatever together
I mean whatever the case
My partnas tell on me, never
We'll do whatever it take
Had no idea in the world
When we was caddlin' yay
That we'd be on top of the world
And still be together today
Man all we got is eachother
This barn aint never could break
You know they say never say never
Well I say never today
Don't care whatever the charge
Be it Federal or State
Don't care whoever the broad
And he made whatever mistake
No talking down on the squad
Just know whatever you say
You would be straighten my nigga??
Check you right there in your face
I hear you hatin on my nigga
Well Ima tell him you hate
Came in the gates wit my niggas
And dats right where Ima stay
Don't matter what the conditions dat he run in wit police
We there the day that he sentenced
Be there the day he released
And all the days in between
You get whatever from me
Take care of the house and the kids
And girl she get whatever she needs.
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