1000 Nights Testo

Testo 1000 Nights


Same old story, only the faces change
About a young boy, too tough to fall for love
On the street he's in command
He stares in fascination
Black lace, black leather
Such a lethal combination

Bad habit, now a vice
She's cooler than a Bud on ice
Cruising to the backbeat
Halfway to paradise

1000 Nights (1000 nights)
Making out like we don't care
1000 nights (1000 nights)
1000 nights (1000 nights)
Like a one night love affair
1000 nights (1000 nights)
And the nights go on forever

He was raised tough, and tough was good enough
He never had time to give love a fighting chance
Too long on the borderline to protect him from temptation
Black lace black leather
Such a lethal combination

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