No Resistance To Love Testo

Testo No Resistance To Love

Morgan confessa: "Ecco perché ho lasciato X Factor"

Maybe my imagination, maybe I mistook the time
Maybe I can't face the fact I never saw the signs
There's a stranger in my street of dreams
Outside the day is dawning but it's raining in my heart
I've tried to turn back the hands of time but there ain't no turning back
I can't live on the street of dreams

I call out your name in the dark
I hear your voice in the shadows
I look for a love that has left me a fool
I can't resist

No resistance to love
No resistance to love
You cry for love, you die to love, but it's never enough
No resistance to love

Maybe I can make it through the pain of wasted years
Maybe I can find the strength to wipe away the tears
There's a stranger in my street of dreams