Fever Testo

Testo Fever


Your body looks like a continent
Looks like it's real heaven sent
I can spend almost a lifetime to explore it

The heat between us is rising fast
Let's get closer and make it last
Tell me where are you from?
Tell me where you are goin'''

Never loved a girl like you before
Now I'm standing here cryin' for more
I'm out of my mind - help me baby
I'm burnin' for ya - come and save me

Sweat's drippin' on my bed
I dream in infra-red
Oh it's drivin me insane
I'm burnin' for ya

Hard to imagine you ain't comin' back
Thought you'd stay and be my pet
Being alone is cruel
Not to be loved much harder

Fell like a candle that's burning down
You're the queen, you've got the crown
I can sing, but it's you who make the music

Never loved a girl...
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